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"Where the Wind is Your Friend"
 Trophies will be awarded as follows:
High Scratch Shooter each team
High Handicap Shooter each team
Individual Trophy to each shooter on both “A” & “B” division-High Scratch Team
Individual Trophy to each shooter on both “A” & “B” division-High Handicap Team
High Scratch Team-Plaque to sponsor-“A” & “B” divisions
High Handicap Team-Plaque to sponsor-“A” & “B” divisions
High Lady Scratch Champion
High Lady Handicap Champion
High Overall Scratch Champion
High Overall Handicap Champion
High Veteran Scratch Champion
High Veteran Handicap Champion
High Rookie Scratch Champion
High Rookie Handicap Champion
High Junior Scratch Champion
High Junior Handicap Champion
Most Improved Male Shooter
Most Improved Female Shooter

     A team will consist of five shooters.  The cost for each team member will be $55.00, and the cost for the sponsor will be $45.00.  All teams must have a sponsor.  If you cannot find a sponsor, Pocatello Trap Club will try to find one for you.  All fees must be paid before a shooter begins shooting for a team score.  All shooters should try to shoot together as a team. The gun club will be open on Wednesdays starting April 26, 2017, @ 5:00 P.M., and on Sundays @ 1:00 P.M.  A shooter can shoot only one week ahead or one week behind.  If a shooter has not completed all the required targets by the final week, the shooter’s average will be used.  When the Pocatello trap Club is holding a registered target event, the club will not be available for league shooting.
     There will be an “A” and a “B” division.  After the fourth week, scores are recorded; teams will be placed in the “A” or the “B” division according to their team average.
     A total of 400 targets will be shot.  Each week the shooters will shoot 25 targets from the 16-yard line and 25 targets from a handicap line to be determined based on the score from the 16-yard line.  Both scratch and handicap scores will be posted for each shooter.  Handicap scores will be calculated as follows: Scratch score plus 80% of the lost targets from the previous week to a maximum of 48.  The only way to get a 49 or 50 is to shoot it.  Ties for trophies will be settled by reverse scoring.
     If you are a New Shooter, a Lady Shooter, a Vet, or a Rookie, you must notify the Trap Club prior to shooting, in order to be eligible for those trophies.  Veteran age is 65 or older.
     Shotguns of 12 gauge or smaller in good working order may be used.  Shells of not more than 1-1/8 oz of 7 ½ or smaller shot, not exceeding 3 drams equivalent may be used.
Anytime you do not have your shoot card with you (lost it or forgot it) you must purchase a regular shoot ticket to shoot.